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Added a more hey

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The Mastah

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words, but see the night scene of the most beautiful whole citieseses." The good Yi raises head and looks up at a Ferris wheel.
"Have you ever heard?"The text is rare to also looking at a Ferris wheel to ask him.
"Once hear what?"Good Yi and Lin Zi Jie's unanimous opinion ask question.
"The legend says if a rightness of lovers sit a Ferris wheel, when the Ferris wheel rises to the tallest place, if they kiss, they keep on willing always be happy!"Text rare very tiny concussion's saying.
"Really?"Good Yi excrescent excitement, the appearance thinking in brain at this time is full all is her and Lin Zi Jie kiss of appearance, imperceptibly blush Tong Tong.
"Let's also come to sit for a while."Have been staring at the Ferris wheel sees of Lin Zi Jie also talked.
The text is rare to support with good Yi mightiness, hence three people then together sit last Ferris wheel, three people sat into different window way respectively.
Ps:Added a more hey, close collect for dint, support(collect)+(message)+(recommend)+(the book friend reflects to be like)+various support hey!!! "Taking care of him is dead have nothing to do with us to is to living."The mother whom the text hopes heavily guards a gate to close.
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"The person who takes no notice of those doesn't matters, lead like our current life good."The mother whom the text hopes pretends doing of doesn't matter household chores to live.
"Like, that I returned to room first."Now that mother not mean to say, the text is rare also not
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