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Instant Book That Wasn-spun4

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The Mastah
The Mastah

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Instant Book That Wasn
I just read this short article with interest. The thing is,[url=][b]Roger Vivier shoes outlet shop online[/b][/url], I'm a completely independent publisher who has been struggling to obtain my books in to the chains, Amazon, and written by national distributors for example Ingram. Although it has been a long, hard three-year battle,[url=][b]Peuterey sale[/b][/url], my opportunity has succeeded in doing this. We are succeeding in part because we give distributors the industry standard 55 percent discount. We are members of the Amazon advantage program (which gives Amazon a 55 percent discount). We send catalogs and samples to chain buyers. We worked hard to get market penetration for three years. We learned the rules from the game, and therefore are succeeding because we play the game well.
In my view BookSurge chief executive Bob Holt doesn want to play by the rules, he wants to change the rules. That fine and dandy,[url=][b]jordans shoes sale[/b][/url], but don expect the industry to bend over backwards for him. The reality is,[url=][b]Femmes Manteaux Duvetica Soldes[/b][/url], the industry continues to be flooded by thousands of print-on-demand titles which have virtually no audience, and therefore are usually no more than vanity press titles. If the industry has adopted practices to screen the wheat from the chaff (Ingram 10-title rule, for instance), then that's simply among the to POD technology that lets anybody with $200 be a
If BookSurge really wants to establish itself like a publisher of books, having a audience, perhaps it should take the 1000s of dollars it doesn invest in offset publishing, and bring in help who understands, and can work with the book industry,[url=][b][/b][/url], rather than against it. Perhaps they ought to promote their books.
Ohh. Wait. They're promoting their book, and their company. They are using the tragedy of Sept. 11 to generate sales and media attention for one of their three titles. It this kind of profiteering that makes the entire POD industry look bad. Even when they are giving all of the profits of the book to the Red Cross (which they are not),[url=][b]Femmes Doudoune Duvetica Pas Cher[/b][/url], they're using this title as a shoehorn to obtain instant access to chains, distributors an internet-based retailers. They are doing this rather than spending the time,[url=][b]discount Roger Vivier shoes outlet shop[/b][/url], energy and money that is needed to get this done.
Like the majority of POD publishers,[url=][b]parajumpers vest[/b][/url], BookSurge wants an inexpensive and simple method of getting their books into readers hands,[url=][b][/b][/url], but what they fail to realize is the fact that there is no cheap and easy method of doing this. You need to strive, and spend lots of money,[url=][b]where to buy roger vivier shoes[/b][/url], to locate your market, and get your product to that particular market and to your customers hands Just like any other industry. Welcome to the real world Jeremy Lassen, Owner, Night Shade Books
















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