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Interior Designer

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The Mastah
The Mastah

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Interior Designer
My parents are . . . the reason behind my happy and successful life. Their love and support, and their strong morals and values,[url=][b]Woolrich Arctic Jacket[/b][/url], made me who I am today.
The house I grew up in . . . provided my brother Alan and I with a wonderful childhood, but was constant work. Alan and Mam were the gardeners and I was the homemaker, always cooking and moving furniture. My mother now has the most beautiful garden which is a haven and the family's gathering point.
When I was a child I wanted to be . . . a famous businesswoman jetting all over the world, running multinationals, living in a penthouse in NY and wearing huge shoulder pads. I probably watched too much Dallas and Dynasty when I was a child.
If I could change one thing about myself it would ,[url=][b][/b][/url]. . ,[url=][b]Discount 2013 Nike Soccer Shoes online sale[/b][/url]. be my fear of flying.
At night I dream of . . . work, and being on a plane that crashes.
When I look in the mirror I see . . . myself as I am, and I think how lucky I am to be happy and healthy.
My favourite item of clothing is ,[url=][b]Woolrich Online Shop[/b][/url]. . ,[url=][b]Duvetica Jackets[/b][/url]. my jeans,[url=][b]Moncler Jacken Günstig[/b][/url].
I wish I'd never worn . . . those tartan trousers and patent shoes with matching tartan bows to college -- I still cringe when I think about them.
I drive ,[url=][b]Billig Moncler Jacken Günstig Kaufen[/b][/url]. . ,[url=][b]discount giuseppe zanotti chain sandals with big promoton[/b][/url]. a Hyundai Santa Fe
My house is . . . my home and it's not a show house. My daughter Aoife,[url=][b]cheap woolrich winter coats[/b][/url], my fiance Paul and Lottie our pug share lots of happy moments there. We don't worry about dog hairs and wine spillage -- after all, that's what homes are for (it still looks great though).
My favourite work of art . . . I have two great paintings by an Irish artist Jennifer Kingston which I'll never sell. The colours are so vibrant, rich and interesting they're a pleasure to gaze at.
A book that changed me . . . is one my mother insisted I read when the stresses of life and work were all getting too much for me. I went off on my own to my favourite chill-out hotel in Inchydoney, Co Cork and spent the weekend reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and getting my positivity back. I'd recommend it to anyone juggling a busy life and career.
My greatest regret is . . . I'm not the kind to look back with regret. I think that there's good in every situation,[url=][b]Woolrich Parka Schweiz[/b][/url], so I dwell on the positive and try to learn from any mistakes.
















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